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Mana Talks: Kalmanovitch Maneri Duo


Mana Contemporary
888 Newark Ave 07306 Jersey City United States
“What do you call this music? Is it chamber music; is it jazz? Is it Mahler? Is it free improvisation?”
—Mat Maneri

The Kalmanovitch Maneri Duo—composed of violists Tanya Kalmanovitch and Mat Maneri—will examine their conceptual framework of playing a "secret melody,” searching for a sound that belongs exclusively to them. By synthesizing all of the music that they’ve heard and played, the duo seeks to both acknowledge their influences yet not be constrained by them. How does memory and history become distilled into the music that they create? The Kalmanovitch Maneri Duo will discuss this process, as well as play their distinct style of music.

This event will take place in celebration of National Chamber Music Month.

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About Kalmanovitch Maneri Duo
The Kalmanovitch Maneri Duo joins two critically acclaimed instrumentalists, both known for breaking the mold for what their instruments can be. ECM recording artist Mat Maneri is recognized as one of the most compelling jazz artists of his generation, with recordings that are widely acknowledged as among the most important developments in improvised music. Tanya Kalmanovitch started her career with the Turtle Island String Quartet and went on to define the post-genre musician through performance, scholarship and groundbreaking work at the New England Conservatory and Mannes College the New School for Music. Together, they use their violas as tools to mine rich veins of musical and personal history, folding and unfolding the basic elements of music into intimate and expressive performances. In doing so, they create a unique style built upon composition and improvisation that they communicate with power, presence, and uncanny musical empathy.

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