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Jack Horner Dino Dig Preview at Liberty Science Center


Liberty Science Center
222 Jersey City Blvd 07305 Jersey City United States
- Meet legendary paleontologist Jack Horner!
- Dig for dinos with Jack!
- Have fun!
- That exclamation point joke again!!!!!

Hold on to your butts!

Liberty Science Center is bringing in famed paleontologist Jack Horner to host a special preview of our Dino Dig on May 18th.

Dino Dig officially opens to the public on May 21st. See below!

LSC is transforming its backyard into a paleontological dig site for the special limited-engagement “Dino Dig.” It opens to the public on Saturday, May 21. Guests will experience a paleontological expedition during the month-long exhibition, working alongside LSC’s Dino Dig Guide Team to discover replica fossils of prehistoric creatures from the late Cretaceous period buried in 35 tons of sand!

“Dino Dig,” which runs through June 10, is a tribute to legendary paleontologist Jack Horner, the inspiration of the Michael Crichton novel and Steven Spielberg film Jurassic Park. Mr. Horner is an LSC Genius Award honoree. The dig is intended to evoke the renowned fossil-rich Hell Creek Formation in Montana, site of a significant field study originated by Horner and his colleagues.

“Dino Dig” opens at 11:00 am on Saturday, May 21 and runs through June 10. The exhibition is included, free of charge, with any Liberty Science Center admission ticket. Check at the Welcome Desk for more details.

Can't make it on the 18th? Dino Dig opens to the public on May 21st and runs through June 10th! https://www.facebook.com/events/231372460564424/